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Apple Picking

Apple Picking

We went apple picking people! It’s supposed to be fall. But it’s been H-O-T hot until about 20 minutes ago so we had to wait to go apple picking because apple picking should not, in my estimation, happen on a 90 degree day.

If you want apples, you have to shake the trees.

So the saying goes. We have not shaken any trees in the following story. They have to be picked or else they are brown and gross and not for consumption.


Decide on the farm

We live in Indiana where apples reign in the fall and we are able to have our picking (ahem) of orchards. I did some recon in the form of asking my neighbor how Stuckey’s was when she went the other day and she reported it was nice. So we chose Stuckey’s, a classic variety with all the things a farm visitor should want.

Find the recipes

The Joy of Cooking said we needed about 2-3 lbs per apple pie.  So 20 lbs should do. Joy also suggested Golden Delicious variety.  Got it. My oldest took the time to read all of the varieties of apples we might like to consider. This is because I made him. But of course, once he started, he enjoyed the research.  This is grade A parenting in my book. He thought we should look for some kind of Akane Black or something based upon the description. (They do not have this kind of apple in Indiana. This was sad. Life can be hard sometimes.)

We considered what other things we might like to make and basically thought apple sauce made sense. Maybe we could finally use the pouches for the baby food mill I bought on sale approximately 7 years ago. (Once upon a time my husband pointed out when I bought these UNFILLED pouches for good money that most people think, “Why would I want to make my own applesauce pouches when I can just buy them?” And what I probably thought was more along the lines of, “How can I make feeding my kids applesauce pouches harder?”. Which is precisely the sort of thinking I am doing every day.  This in a nutshell, is my MO.

Drive to the farm

Take approximately 27 snacks and drinks bottles with you and do this only after you’ve spent about 37 minutes cleaning out the car for no immediately pressing reason. Husband does this. He likes to make small piles for me to search through outside the garage door. He is the love of my life.
Pick so many apples. This is the best part. At last count my children ate some but not all of around 16 apples. Sure! This is the stuff of life! This makes so much sense!

Shop the store

Buy multiple treats you do not need but definitely want before you go home to make apple pie and apple sauce: things like apple cider, caramel corn, candy corn of assorted varieties. Also buy mums and rainbow popcorn kernels?! Duh.
Also consider what to do with all the apple peels and cores besides compost because oh my gosh you have to peel all the apples. 44 lbs. NO PROBLEM


And take many beautiful pictures of your prized apples. Contemplate life and eat pie. ♥

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